New Study Available!

I worked over the summer to write this newest study, The Redemption Chronicles, and taught it within my community. I am so excited to share it with you now through Amazon.

The Redemption Chronicles is an original Bible study from Audrey Lupisella, MTS, which surveys the covenants of the biblical story from Genesis to Revelation in order to show the unity of the Old Testament and New Testament. Using the surveyed narratives, Audrey teaches the ancient Near Eastern cultures, customs, languages, and history which drives the biblical stories in an effort to give each Bible student “tools” for their personal “Bible study toolbox.” Through The Redemption Chronicles, students will finish the study with a better understanding of God’s redemptive plan for history, of the background contexts which frame the Bible and bring it to life, and can better understand how to apply the biblical truths in their own lives.

The Redemption Chronicles is set up in a three-part format. Each week begins with a recorded lecture found on Audrey Lupisella’s YouTube page, followed by five days of devotional study. This study is created with the intention that it will be done with a group; therefore, each week also includes a set of discussion questions about the previous week’s studies

Access the Amazon listing here:

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