God is Other

I have been engaging in trauma therapy over the last year. It has led to some very deep, hidden truths that my subconscious simply cannot let go: specifically, that I am unlovable. No matter what my conscious brain knows to be truth, there are broken parts of me that simply cannot accept that I can be known and still be loved.  

As I have been reflecting on these deep-rooted lies, God revealed this truth to me: I cannot compare God to people because God is of a completely different nature than the created human nature.

You see, we are made in His likeness (Genesis 1:27). He is not made in ours.

Though we can glean some things about our nature from His character, we cannot glean His nature by looking at our own. One is not like the other. Rather, we are a caricature, a distortion, of His image. As the Creator, He can see Himself in us, but we cannot remake His image from our own.

He is completely other. “Holiness” (Hebrew qadosh) actually means “separate, apart.” Because of the God-nature of holiness, it has the association of being sacred and without sin; however, the root of the word means that it is “other, alien in nature.” It is of a different substance than anything else in creation. God Himself is Other. Alien to humanity. Something completely separate and foreign to anything else we can know, see, or touch in this world.

We cannot relate how people act toward us and believe God to act the same.

When people don’t forgive you, He does. Because He is Other.

When people don’t love you, He does. Because He is Other.

When people don’t keep their promises, He does. Because He is Other.

When people don’t accept you, He does. Because He is Other.

When people don’t even like you, He does. Because He is Other.

God our Father is Holy: Separate, Apart, Foreign, Alien. He is completely other, acting in ways we cannot understand, because we cannot experience His likeness anywhere else other than in Him. Only when we abide in His presence can we experience such pure love, overwhelming grace, and eternal self-sacrificial faithfulness.

He is Unconditional Love. Endless Sustenance. Unfiltered Delight. Boundless Peace.

Have hope, dear one. He is Other.

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