Published Studies

Impartial is a beautiful look at how God cherished the special time in Acts 1–10 with his covenant people, how he reveled in the salvation of the sons and daughters of Abraham, and ultimately, how he used them to reach the ends of the earth. God is truly an impartial God, one who does not conform to social standards but welcomes every single person into his family. It is written as a personalized devotional study with discussion questions to promote group study.

The Redemption Chronicles is a nine week covenant survey which shows the biblical narrative to be one story from Genesis to Revelation. Through a study of the covenant partnerships God made with his chosen people, Audrey shows how the Bible is one story explaining God’s redemptive plan for all of creation. Woven into the biblical survey is biblical history, language, culture, and context to give you “tools” for your “Bible study toolbox,” which will help you better understand your Bible as you continue your personal study.

The Redemption Chronicles is created in a three-part format, using lectures found on Audrey’s YouTube page to introduce each week’s material, five days of personal homework, and group discussion questions to best enhance your learning endeavor.