Lovesong to a Sinner

This cage

                I built alone.

Bound by bars developed with doubt.

I played the judge

declared myself guilty



                found wanting.

I wrapped myself in prison shroud

                a life sentenced to striving.

“Restitution!” I secretly demanded.

Yet, from my cage

                “Redeemed!” I was shouting.

The One walked in.

He considered my bonds and

                Truth was revealed:

                work-based faith,

                foundation of guilt

“Peace,” said the One.

“I have already freed you.”

“Come,” said the One.

“I am now here to mend you.

Rest, sweet daughter,

                and let me heal you.

For you have always been

                My Treasure.

It’s you I want.

                Restitution be damned.

I’ve paid a steep price

                for your broken heart.

I consider it nothing

                for you are worth it.

Call me Your Healer

                and so I will be.”

Love without price

                bound now in eternity.

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