Contemplation: a spiritual discipline

I am participating in a spiritual discipline workshop which introduces and practices the ancient spiritual disciplines like contemplation, examen, visio divina, etc.

It takes the practice of prayer and teaches you to go deeper. To sit intentionally in the Presence.

The results are overwhelming.

When I sit before the Lord of Creation, I am stripped bare. All the parts of me which protect me – anger, pride, disgust – they fall away like dark shadows meeting the sun. I am left standing in all my guilt, hurt, insecurity, and need before Him. He meets me there and speaks freedom to my guilt, healing to my hurt, love to my insecurity, and provision to my need.

The meeting of Salvation is wracked with an unexplainable power. The feet of Adonai run to meet the real you (as James 1:23 says, your “genesis” face): the one He created in its purest form. There, without the protections you build to survive in a broken world, you are restored and renewed by His Healing Presence.

Contemplate the Father. Lean upon His chest like John at the last supper, weep upon His feet like the woman with an alabaster box. Courageously come into His presence and let His light burn away your shadows and steal away your burdens. There may you find rest for your weary soul.

Shalom, beloved.

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