New Holy Land Tour April 29-May 10 2024!

When we returned from studying at Jerusalem University College in the fall of 2018, we knew that we would eventually return with a tour group to share what we learned about the culture, geography, and history of the Bible with other earnest disciples of Jesus. Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit and canceled our tours for a few years. Finally, we were able to return as family in October 2022 and pray again over God’s will for us regarding a tour group.

I am so very excited to say that we have finally set dates through GTI Tours for offering a group of 30-60 people a tour of the Holy Land. GTI handles all our logistics, including round-trip flights from Newark, NJ. We will fly out as a group from Newark on April 29, 2024 and return May 10, 2024.

Our trip will take us from the biblical Negev to the northernmost tip of Israel, where Audrey Lupisella will teach with a focus on understanding the entire biblical narrative through ancient Near Eastern eyes. If you are interested in more information, please check out our flyer with a basic itinerary here.

We (Impartial Christian Ministries, 501c3) will be taking deposits to confirm registration in order to ensure that we have the minimum amount of people required; these deposits are nonrefundable and will be applied to the total cost of your trip. If you are interested in registration, please contact for more information. Please contact us with any questions regarding the process.

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