Prayer Request Monday

Today, I ask you to pray with me over the injustice of forced labor slavery in Ghana. Hundreds, if not thousands, of children are enslaved on Lake Volta to work in the fishing industry:

“You could go to Lake Volta and see many signs of poverty and deprivation …but what is much harder to see is the profound violence and oppression heaped upon the thousands of children trapped as slaves in the fishing industry. We are ready to work with our government and non-government partners in Ghana to bring more light to what’s hidden, and to end this form of slavery.”

– Philip Langford, Vice President of Regional Operations, Africa

These children (primarily boys) are stolen from their families and forced into slave labor where there is no medical care, no care or compassion, very little food or clothes, and inhumane conditions.

Please be praying

  • that a sweeping passion would encompass the government leaders to stand up for those enslaved on Lake Volta
  • for the investigation teams working to free these children
  • for the safety of these rescue workers and protection over the children
  • for successful rescue operations
  • for justice over the perpetrators

In the Lord’s Most Holy Name,


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