What does your future look like? When you dream, how big does your dream go? When you express your deepest desire, how crazy and seemingly unreachable does it get?

I’ve always wanted to be a rockstar. Legit. My family HATED riding in the car with me because me and ol’ Mariah Carey would be rocking it out on my walkman in the backseat at the top of my lungs- every single run miserably off-key and at max volume.


I would try to keep it quiet- I really would- but the passion would just run over and the volume increase with it. Rock.Star.

Alas, becoming a rockstar most certainly was not in the cards for me. I still sing at the top of my lungs in my car, in my kitchen, pretty much all the time. But God had a seriously different idea in mind for my future.

I technically can claim that I am a published author-which is seriously incredible and amazing in of itself. Not only that, but I write Bible studies! Again, not ever was that my idea. But God happened.

I still have no idea what my future will look like- how far this dream will go with God’s direction. I am still praying about what God and I will do next together. But this I know with certainty– if God isn’t there, I won’t be either. And this verse sums it all up:

josh 35

When we give our futures to God, they become limitless! There is nothing we cannot achieve under God’s direction. What dream has God given you? Have you given your dreams up to Him? Love, it may seem hard to let go of that dream, but trust me- God’s plan for your life will be so perfect, fulfilling, amazing, and inconceivable compared to what you want right now. It will blow whatever dream you have out of the water. It won’t compare in the least.

When we give ourselves to God fully, God will do wonders among, in, and through you that you never though possible. Do you have the courage to give your future up to Him? How I pray that you do. I cannot begin to imagine what God will do in the world if all His people followed His plans for their lives.

Revival unparalleled.

How I long to be a part of that. Pray with me tonight for the courage to give God our futures; to consecrate our whole lives to Him, leaving nothing back; to be a part of bringing the world into God’s kingdom with humility, grace, and compassion. Praise you, Omnipotent Father! Amen.

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