Anger. Power. 2 Cor. 12.9

My brilliant therapist told me that anger is an emotion rooted in vulnerability. In the moments when we feel weakest, anger allows us to feel strong and powerful.

As I think on that, I am reminded of Paul’s words in 2 Cor. 12.9: God said, “MY power is made perfect in [your] weakness.”

Bitterness and anger call us into a downward spiral which is addictive simply because it makes us feel powerful. And yet, anger and bitterness also have the power to destroy: relationships, hope, joy. In all truth, the powerful feeling which anger brings is vain and empty. Most often, it doesn’t actually change the circumstances which cause us to feel weak and powerless – it only gives a false sense of power.

God tells us to rely upon Him in our weakness because His power is true in the fullest sense. When we are weak, when our circumstances overwhelm us and no earthly power can change them, God can. God is the warrior who fights on our behalf. He’s the warrior who died on our behalf.

When anger and bitterness threaten to overwhelm you, run to the Father. Sit in His presence and receive the truth of His love all over again. Let Him have the anger and return it to you as the purest love. At His feet, weakness is transformed to power and anger morphs to Love.

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