2 Peter 1:3-10 a rough translation

I was given the gift of time with God through a staff retreat this past week. In that time, I was able to sit and soak in the Word. I had the time to dig into the Greek and do a rough translation of 2 Peter 3-10; it is a direct translation which draws upon the Hebraic background and cultural understanding of the author. The text is so rich. The words of God were so impactful; soothing, convicting, and renewing to my spirit. I pray you will be likewise impacted. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments regarding what God spoke to you through this passage.

2 Peter 1:3-10 A Rough Translation

Through the fullest experiential knowledge of God, His Divine Power has presented the gift of life and godliness to those who have been called by God to behold His gory and excellent moral character. Through this gift, He has bestowed upon us His precious and very great covenantal faithfulness so you may be partakers of His Divine Nature as one who has been birthed into His Divine family and so escape the world of corrupted desire.

For this very reason, eagerly bring forth in faith excellent moral character; in excellent moral character bring forth experiential knowledge; in experiential knowledge bring for self-control; in self-control bring forth steadfast covenantal perseverance; in steadfast covenantal perseverance bring forth godliness; in godliness bring forth familial love; in familial love bring forth unconditional love.

If these things have come into you and are continuing to grow and not be lazy or unproductive, this is appointed through experiential knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

If not, you are becoming blind as one become near-sighted; one forgetful to take up the purification of your sins from long ago.

Even more, for this reason, brothers and sisters, be reliably zealous in your calling and selection to do these things; for in doing these things you will not stumble.

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