Daily Feasting Mark 4.5

As I’m studying Mark’s Gospel, I came across the parable of the sower in chapter 4. Verse 5 speaks about the seed which fell on rocky ground. Often English translations say, “it did not have much soil.” The Greek, however, speaks in an imperfect active tense, which should really be translate: “it was not having much soil.”

You may ask, “what’s the difference?”

The Greek tells of an ongoing situation. The seed (which is a type of person who hears the Gospel of Jesus), was starving itself in an ongoing manner – not every day, but more often than not. Metaphorically, this disciple did not feed his or her spirit on a regular basis (say, like one who only meets Jesus in a building called “church”), so the disciple failed to thrive spiritually.

Being a healthy disciple of Jesus means daily feeding your spirit. This time when churches have been shut down and it’s hard and scary to go to a gathering, it’s more important than ever to remember that Jesus spoke of and poured into the individual. “Church” is important – do not think I’m saying otherwise – but this is a time when we must remember and raise up as THE Church. It is a time when we can remind ourselves that discipleship was never supposed to be about sitting in a pew bench once a week, but it was always supposed to be a daily walk and relationship. This is such a beautiful time when we have the opportunity to refocus our spiritual time and efforts into becoming the disciple Jesus desires us to be: one who thrives on the nutrition found only in feasting daily with the Redeemer.

Remind yourself. Teach your children. This time should not be a time of spiritual depression but one of explosive spiritual growth as we thrive in the daily presence of our great Creator.

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