New Bible Study of Luke!

Welcome!! I have been studying and researching for the last year and a half the Jewish culture and customs of first century Israel and how it applies to our Christian understanding of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, and his teachings. I will be offering a 10 week study of the Gospel of Luke, which focuses on the Jewishness of Jesus and his teachings, beginning April 4, 2018. I will be posting a 20-30 minute video commentary each Wednesday, at the beginning of each new week, as well as a 5-day homework set for each week. This will also include asking questions and discussing with the fellow group members the things you have learned over the homework and videos. I would love for you to join us! Here is a link to the Facebook group:

And here is the link to the first video commentary, as a sample of the type of things we will be studying and learning together.

I pray you join us and God blesses you mightily for your willingness to give him your time and efforts.


Audrey Lupisella

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