Psalm 100 Worship the LORD


What does it mean to worship? To speak God’s praises, to serve God with gladness, to intentionally seek His presence with rejoicing. Worship encompasses every aspect of our lives. We are to speak only if it is good for the building up of those in need and the edification of His people (Ephesians 4:29). We are to serve God by serving His children (John 21:17). We are take joy and pleasure in spending time with God — not just to check off a box, but with praise and rejoicing, with a heart the truly seeks to spend time in God’s presence (Mark 1:35-36).

Why do we worship? Because God created us. That alone is enough. But the psalmist continues to tell us that not only is He worthy of worship because He is the only creator, but also because He cares for us as His own– and, Beloved, your shepherd is good! He is good! His love for us is steadfast, never failing. And His faithfulness is eternal.

Your God, and He alone, is worthy of your worship– the all-encompassing worship of every second of every day, every word that passes through your lips, every thought that passes through your mind, every desire of your heart, and every action of your hands. Have you worshiped your good, steadfast, and faithful God today?

What’s in it for us? Worshiping God transforms us. It relieves us of worry and anxiety because we remind ourselves of His outrageous goodness and faithfulness. Are you stressed or anxious today? Spend some time just worshiping your Creator, your Shepherd, and allow His goodness to overwhelm the ugliness of your day.

Worship calls us to humility, it relieves us of the idea that we have to control everything, it brings goodness into the ugliness of this world, it reminds us of God’s sovereignty, His goodness, and His love. We are called to worship, not because God demands it as vanity, but because He knows it is only through worship that we can be relieved of the weight of burdens that were never ours to carry. Give Him the worship He deserves, and receive peace, joy, and purpose in return. Have a blessed, worship-filled day, Beloved. Amen.

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