Testimony Brings Fruit

I had a radio interview with Moody Radio Indiana this morning, in which we talked about my journey through single teen-motherhood and God’s grace that called me back to Him. You can listen to it here:


Before the interview, I prayed that God would specifically hand-pick those who needed to hear whatever message God spoke through our conversation. Little did I know how God would use it. So many people called in with their own testimonies that the radio abandoned their scheduled program and gave the day over to testimony which sprung from our conversation! Praise be to God!

Here’s the point: SPEAK YOUR TESTIMONY OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE!!! It doesn’t matter what your story is– if God has redeemed you, transformed you, saved your life from the grave, you have a story worth sharing. You never know who needs to hear it.


You have no idea how God will use your story to build up another. Your testimony could bring the hope another needs; it could bring questions that lead another to Jesus. God does not let one single second of your story go to waste. Every bit–the good, bad, and ugly–can be used to help bring healing and peace to another. Share it!!

I am simply overwhelmed what God has done with mine. Truly He is a God of miracles. Where has He worked miracles in your life?

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