Thy Will Be Done.

My Scripture reading today of Matthew 27:1-32 describes the trial and conviction of Jesus by his own people. Pilate, the “King of the Jews,” allowed the Jewish people to sentence the God-given King to death. It tells of the Roman soldiers flogging Jesus with whips that dig into the flesh and rip it away from the body. It tells of the way they dressed him as king with a crown of thorns and mocked him. Then, it describes how they took a stick and beat him in the head and face with it, before leading him to die. King of the Jews.
My kids are excitedly anticipating Easter and the fun celebrations that go along with it. But today, I hope we each take a moment to feel the anguish Jesus took upon himself, remember the fear he spilled to his Father as he begged for this to be taken from him, and try to understand what it means to truly say, “Thy will be done.”
bloody jesus

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