Prayer Request Monday: Property Grabbing

In Uganda, the land is everything – their source of food and income. However, culture maintains that women have no property rights – they cannot own land or houses. This social custom has led to a violent culture of property grabbing. When a woman’s husband dies, her clan and family- even her children and step-children – violently threaten and attack her, forcing her to leave her home and stealing her land and home. She must take her dependent children and leave the property, along with her food source of crops and farm animals, and becomes homeless without any food or any way to provide for herself and her children. The courts see this as a clan issue and have never convicted a perpetrator for this crime before 2016: there have been 12 convictions since. Please pray for

  • convictions in current property grabbing cases
  • unity, joy, courage, and success in the System Reform Project
  • perseverance in legal, investigative, and aftercare teams
  • wisdom, creativity, and new strategies for system reform activities in changing culture norms

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