The Prodigal Returns….

Hello to all of you! It has certainly been a long time since I’ve posted. Writing that Bible study took so much out of me – I was on such an incredible spiritual high from being totally reliant on God to write and finish the study – that when I finished, I let myself “rest.” But that “rest” ended up leading to total spiritual lackadaisicalness (is that a real word?). Then I couldn’t figure out how to get back – I kept letting life get in the way of spending time with God, and it affected everything. My day, my family, my outlook, my mindset. It is utterly amazing how quickly our hearts and minds change back to the original sinful ways when God is not the center of our lives anymore.

I have spent the last week fighting to return to Him in the manner He deserves and demands of me. And let me tell you – it is glorious being in the presence of my Savior again. Have any of you been there? When you slowly fall away from Him, and have to fight to get back? I don’t know why it was so hard to get motivated, or to make time for God this time – but it truly was a fight. But. Those old words of Jeremiah 29:13 rang true with victory as I finally found my way back. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart!

What a MERCIFUL God we serve!!! I am so humbled by Him. That He would remain steadfast and faithful to each promise, even and especially when we drift and are unfaithful to Him! That He would run to us, like the prodigal’s father, even while we are still yet a long way off; that He would hold us close and tell us that though we strayed for a while, He was here waiting the whole time. That though we did not choose to keep our eyes on Him, we were the center of His vision always.

I keep thinking of the words in Psalm 32:4. David is talking about his sin, and the darkness he felt when he was far from God because of it. My drifting from God was not a result from sin, but the words ring true all the same: For day and night your hand was heavy upon me; my strength was dried up as the heat of summer.

See, the incredible thing is though we sometimes choose to let God fall from the top spot of our priority list, God doesn’t let us forget Him. His hand was heavy upon me, and I felt dried up like a desert. He calls us back to Him constantly; in so many ways, He called to me every day. The key is doing something about it.

If you are in a desert, it’s ok! If you cannot figure out how to make it back to that Spiritual “mountaintop,” just take baby steps. Talk to Him throughout your day, squeeze Him in wherever you can, and try to spend more time with Him every day than the last. He has promised us that if we seek Him with all our hearts, we will find Him. Take rest in that promise and start seeking. His eyes are on you. It’s time to return your eyes back to Him ❤

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