Hey everybody!! I’m Audrey and I am a Bible study author and teacher with my newest book, ImpartialA Journey through the Acts of the Apostles 1-10, newly available at Amazon, Westbow Press, and Barnes and Noble. I am also a speaker and would love to visit your church or conference. Visit my website http://www.audreylupisella.com or contact me at impartialcm@gmail.com.

I hope you come back to visit with me. Please feel free to contact me with questions or topics you wish I would address and I would be happy to do my best to answer them.

With so much love and so many blessings,


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  1. Dear Audrey,
    Yesterday in Sunday School (in which I get to enjoy your sweet mom) we were talking about our future residence in the coming Kingdom of God. As people known by our faith, not our sin, our names are written in the registery, the Lamb’s Book of Life, and we will dwell in a place where the walls are transparent gold so as not to restrict the glory of God. We will need no walls in our lives there; no physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual walls because we will have no fears, no shame, no mistrust of others, no wounds. We will be fully able to reflect the glory of our God and precious savior. Reading your posts, I have been given a taste of Heaven. God’s glory is shinning brightly thru your life and your words. I am so proud of you! Melissa Romans

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